Monday, 7 May 2012


We had actually never talked about it.  We knew we loved sailing and wanted to stop working as soon as we could, move to the coast, and buy a boat.  One day, a friend asked, “Are you guys going to sail across the Atlantic?  Around the world?!”  We just looked at each other, paused, and said “Yep” and nonchalantly took another swig of beer.  It wasn’t bravado or an honour-saving reply.  We had both been thinking about it but never discussed it, assuming that things would naturally evolve in that direction without having to put the project into words.  Putting it into words changed things, made it more frightening, and opened us up to the possibility of failure and embarrassment.  But the words had been spoken, however un-poetically, and a new chapter of life began.  

As we write this first entry, we don’t know if this will be the story of a couple who sail around the world, or the story of a couple who meander far and wide, or the story of a couple who just decide that sailing around their own local waters is enough for them.  However it ends, it is for now a story of beginnings; the thrill of buying our first sailboat, the awkward process of becoming amateur electricians, painters, carpenters, diesel mechanics, and plumbers, and testing our wings (or sails) and gaining confidence (or not?) for long distance adventures.  Welcome to the Spray Logs.
Will they?  Won't they? Stay tuned !