Saturday, 2 June 2012

Dehler 34 Owners !

The check passing hands.
That giant sucking sound you heard around 19h00 GMT centered somewhere over western Europe was the siphon that just started in our bank account.  We’re officially poor boat owners! 

Antoine and Caroline, the charming FORMER owners of Zephyr/Spray, met us at the boat yard to discuss the crack around the propeller shaft tube.  We agreed on a price for fixing it and then drove to our home to sign the papers and celebrate with a little bubbly. 

The keys passing hands.

Neither of us knows quite what we’re supposed to do now.  We’re thrilled, anxious, overwhelmed, and aware that we’ve just accomplished a dream that has motivated our decisions and actions for the last 2 years.  A new chapter of our lives has indeed begun, with a glaring blank screen and a blinking cursor.  More champagne anyone ?

Time for champagne !

The Happy New Owners !