Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Naked Truth, Part II

A friend-of-a-friend dropped by the boatyard today to take a look at our propeller shaft tube problem.  At first, he was convinced that we just needed to patch up the stratification on either end of the shaft, but we decided to go ahead and open up the crack a bit to see what the tube looked like a little further back.  Doing so revealed a pit in the tube about 2cm x 1cm completely eaten away by rust.  When we dug a bit further, the tube pulled away from the stratification with little effort. 

Propellor shaft mysteries resolved.
So the good news is that we no longer have any doubt that the tube must be changed, and personally, we feel a bit vindicated in our insistence that there just might be a problem.  The bad news is that Spray now has a gaping hole where the prop shaft tube used to be and we can’t get this fixed until early July.  And the cherry on the cake is that this is not a cheap operation, even doing the work with friends.

We also just received the estimate from the boatyard for the epoxy work on the keel and hull.  I don’t know if my liver will be able to take another month of such surprises.