Wednesday, 24 April 2013

May Day (not MAYDAY !)

We head off on the 1st of May for our first 2 week stint of “spring” sailing (where quotes indicate irony of the word with respect to the forecasted temperatures and weather conditions).

Spray in the port of Vannes.

I hesitate to call it a shakedown cruise for summer sailing since that might tempt the gods to throw lots of nasty repair jobs our way, but the timing and duration will make a nice test run for longer sails coming up soon. 


Leave the Gulf during the Week of the Gulf traditional boat festival madness (6-12 May).

Avoid the Belle-Ile area during the Round Belle-Ile race (4 May).

Swing the compass and carry out the auto-learn calibration for the pilot.

Test the AIS system with MaxSea (now using the serial cable directly from the AIS to the computer instead of the USB connector and its creepy serial-to-USB port conversion).

Expand our navigation zone outside of the Quiberon Bay (plans are to sail between Groix Island and Yeu Island, weather-willing; see red arrows in graph below.)

Convince Patrick that we CAN eat well on the boat after the pre-prepared meals have run out, and that there ARE good food markets in many port areas. 

Learn to enjoy sailing again without squalls every 48 hours or constant breakdowns (equipment and crew). 

Test our new folding bikes: storage on the boat, performance on the road, ability to transfer bikes to shore with the inflatable annex ?

Post my first blog report from sea.

Return to Vannes safe, sound, and happy for a family gathering and bathroom renovations before heading off for longer adventures.

Navigation Zone: Groix Island to the Northwest, Yeu Island to the Southeast (red arrows).