Friday, 12 April 2013

Motor Maintenance: Last Call

Grilled thermostat anyone ?

Today we changed the zincs on the motor, checked the cooling system and the thermostat.  I’m no expert, but the expert confirmed my suspicions:  this one is thoroughly grilled (but at least it was stuck in the Open position).  The zincs were pretty messy, too, but after liberal bathing in WD-40, they came out without too much of a fight. 

Now our “To Do” list for the motor has been whittled down to:  replacing thermostat, rinsing the motor with fresh water and “no salt” product (or vinegar?), and putting some fuel injection cleaner in the diesel tank.   

We kept pummelling the poor mechanic with “what if” and “what about” questions until he finally cracked, threw his hands up in surrender and said “I don’t know what you want from me… you’re motor’s FINE !” 

And with that, we will now (fingers crossed) be closing this year’s chapter on motor maintenance.