Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Parting Gift

Surely you didn’t think we could just sail away without incident? 

The stanchion after being rammed by a visiting boat.

A visiting sailor was surprised by a strong gust of wind as he tried to pull into the slip next to Spray.  His bow snagged one of our port-side stanchions and evidently gave it a pretty good shove before getting free.  Fortunately for us, he was honest about it and left all his coordinates with the harbour master.  

Life line took a bit of a beating as well.

This, coupled with bad weather and bad health have delayed our departure for a few days.  We made all the declarations with the insurance company, but it will take quite awhile before the local boatyard is free to assess the repair costs.  In the meantime, it’s nothing that will keep us from sailing.  No real harm done, but not a great way to start a trip.