Sunday, 9 June 2013

Count-down to Summer (?) Cruising

With 7 days left before we head off for 3 months (albeit with pit stops back home from time to time), we still have to rescue the ailing anemometer on top of the mast (and then put it back up again if it can be fixed), replace an awol radar reflector, pick up our life raft from its revision and reinstall it, replace the wire boom vang with a new spectra textile one, replace the lower port-side lifeline and stanchion, and load the boat with provisions and gear.  No sweat. 

Because it’s too friggin cold to sweat here !  (Today’s high 15 C / 59 F). Sheesh.

We’ll be sailing French nautical map 6990, from the Pointe de Penmarc’h to La Gironde, which is essentially the Atlantic coast of France, baba cool.  

French nautical chart 6990: Atlantic coast of France from Penmarch point to the Gironde river.

We may spill over the edges of the map a bit if we have good weather and feel motivated, but good ole 6990 is definitely our comfort zone.  We’ll hit all the islands (nine of the ten anyway) and hope for calm weather so we can spend most of our time in quiet moorings at anchor (free !). 

Are we excited?  Nope.  We’re exhausted.  And we’ve sailed the Atlantic coast of France before so the  voyage of discovery will be testing our own seamanship skills, and as always, testing our boat-repairing skills  (Gee, that sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?)  My goal is simply to finish the summer with more things fixed than broken, including ourselves.  I’m sure we’ll see things differently once we’ve tucked Spray away behind one of the islands and had a sunny, calm, relaxing few days.  Okay… it was probably too much throwing the “sunny” bit in to the mix, but one can dream.  Next report from the islands !  (or rather, the next port with an internet connection).