Friday, 28 June 2013

What a difference a week makes

SUN !  For 3 straight days !!  In BRITTANY !!!   And with enough wind to sail, too.  Tears of joy welling up... 

Sunny cockpit lunch on Dumet Island (the pole of the continental hemisphere !)
Unfortunately, by the time the weather changed, we had abandoned the idea of heading north to Groix Island and the Glenans archipelago and instead headed south to the Guerande region, known for its salt marshes and sardine fisheries.  This has never been my favourite region, but having bikes on board changes everything.  We stayed a couple of days in ports that I had always considered to be quite dull, but with the bikes, we were able to ride along some spectacular coastal trails and really enjoyed our visit.  (But in my excitement over a sunny day of biking, I forgot my camera.)  We met up with friends also sailing in the area and spent some fun evenings together.  The recent appearance of the sun has even persuaded us to perhaps head north to the Channel Islands in July, following in the reassuring wake of a more experienced friend who has proposed forming a small flotilla.  But he also says that if the weather isn’t to our liking, we’ll put on the left-hand turn signal and head south instead.  Time (and the weather) will tell…

Now it’s home for three days of repairs (pilot, anemometer, new foot pump for the inflatable annex) and a quick crew change.  Patrick’s daughter will make her sailing debut with us next week, so we’re hoping the good weather continues.  

Sun also means laundry and drying out boat cushions.

Traffic jam:  Two in front, one along side, and 3 perpendicular to the one along side !  Good natured chaos.

Manoeuvering around a regatta.

Ever wonder what the inside of a foot pump looks like ?  Wonder no further...