Monday, 8 July 2013

Week 3: Family Sailing

This week, Patrick’s daughter decided to take a break from her job as a nurse in a psychiatric clinic to babysit her crazy father on Spray.  It was her first time sailing and despite the initial anxiety when we informed her there was no hot water or shower on board, she had a great time.  She experienced cold rain, hot sun, the thrill of gliding over the water on an ever-so-slightly heeled-over boat, short-tacking through narrow channels, long smooth passages across the bay, and a wee bit of seasickness.

An enthusiastic beginning !

...that rapidly gave way to sea sickness.

Biking on Ile aux Moines

Hiking on Hoedic and Houat islands

Island colors
Even some water time ! (water temp: a bracing 16 C / 61 F)

And a bit of sailing between the islands.

For the weekend, we were joined by Solene's cousin and friend.  We've never had 5 people on the boat !

Summer sailing essentials:  the solar shower and the bimini (sun shade for cockpit).

As for Patrick and myself, this week has reminded us why we wanted a boat in the first place.  After a devastating winter and more than our share of problems with the boat, we’re finally enjoying it all.  Now when Patrick talks about selling the boat, it's not in the context of a nervous break-down but with the idea of buying a bigger one.  He even made some offhand comment earlier today about selling the house and moving on board permanently.  I suggested we wait to see how the summer goes…

It was a long week, but a fun one.

We’re home for 48 hours and a crew change before heading off to…we don’t know yet.  Our plans are to spend the summer sailing with another boat (Alizé, a Moody 38) and we haven’t yet decided if we’re heading to northern Brittany-the Channel Islands-England-The Scilly Islands or down the French coast to northern Spain.  We were all eager to head to Spain but since the weather has been excellent for the last week, we haven’t ruled out heading north.  Stay tuned !