Tuesday, 5 November 2013

High, if not Dry

With a week of gales pinning everyone down (including the Trans-Atlantic race Jacques Vabre) we're happy to have Spray high and dry (or at least high) in Arzal.

Spray on the hard after a quick high-pressure blast to clean off the slime.

Her bottom was clean although the anti-fouling has faded considerably, and the anode was quite worn, doing its job.  We were also happy to get at the speedo wheel to clean off some wormy gunk that kept it from spinning freely.  We're hoping to get in a little river cruising before the end of the month and then we'll have to face winterizing.  We didn't do this last year because we sailed all winter, or rather, island hopped in between squalls and gales.  While that was still better than staying at home, we decided not to repeat that adventure this year. Instead, we are going in seek of hot dry sunshine and hope to find some in the Sahara desert during a 1 month tour of Morocco.  That should prepare us for cool and blustery spring sailing when we return.  (Well, if it doesn't, nothing will...).