Saturday, 5 April 2014

Batteries in, Bets off

We loaded the batteries on the boat today and rushed to test our soldering job on the GPS antenna .  We are gobsmacked to announce that it works !!  We still have to test it at sea but so far so good ! *

Antenna on the balcony.  Do you think we over-did the tie-wraps ??

The GPS satellite fixes:  7 full bars in under 1 minute ! 

*reminds me of a joke:  An irrepressibly cheery optimist drives his co-workers mad with his positive attitude in the face of even the darkest situation.  One day, one of them cracks and throws him out the window of their high-rise building.  As he falls through the air, he keeps saying to himself, “so far so good…so far so good…so far so good…”.