Saturday, 30 August 2014

Local colors of Laredo

A few years ago, Laredo expanded its small fishing port to create one of the largest yacht marinas on the north coast of Spain.  Located only 20 miles from Santander and Bilbao, each with large marinas, it’s not clear why Laredo believed this would be a good idea.  But practicality aside, it is a beautiful marina nestled in one of the most picturesque bays and largest beaches along the coast, and we're very glad we visited.

Laredo marina and beach area

Lots of room !
The town is small but not without charm, and we happened to arrive on the eve of the “Battle of the Flower Floats”, a spectacle unique in the world (they say) consisting of a parade of floats created entirely with flowers.  Some of the floats were created using more than 100,000 flowers.  

The evening closed with a fireworks display, shot off from the jetty just south of the marina.  Fortunately for us, the wind was in the right direction to not get ash fallout, and we had front row seats.

Tomorrow we’re off to Bilbao, returning full circle to our original landing spot in Spain.  The winds won’t permit us to head north for the next week, so the strategy will be to keep slowly drifting east until either we reach the French border at Hendaye or the weather turns more cooperative for a hop north.