Saturday, 9 August 2014

Santiago Surprise

When the early disciples of Christ divided up the known world for evangelism, James got Spain.   According to legend, the remains of Saint James were transported and buried here by his followers after his martyrdom in Jerusalem.  When the crusades made pilgrimages to Rome and Jerusalem too perilous, the indulgence-seeking faithful flocked to Santiago de Compostela, making it the 3rd most holy pilgrimage in Christendom. 

Some provocative on-lookers on the balconies (modern art ?)

The town is so grandiose and the cathedral is so decked out with reflective sparkly things that my photos could only be disappointing (also not helped by a big scratch in the lens.)  The biggest and best surprise of our visit, however, was running into a friend from Stockholm at the museum - small world, indeed, especially considering all our thwarted attempts to reach Santiago earlier!  After hugs and squeals and being shushed by the museum staff, we spent a lovely evening together catching up on more than 15 years of relative absence. 

St James himself...

Surprise reunion

After the bright lights and big city, we left the port of Coruna for an idyllic anchorage in the Cedeira estuary.  Since the winds were from the west and southwest, we moored off the Laira beach, across from the port area and other better-known moorings.  I’m not sure we were supposed to be there (the chart said something about “reserve integral”) but we treaded lightly and left the next morning… for an adventure that has now left us stranded in Viveiro.

Cedeira light
Mooring near Laira Beach

Laira Beach mooring (yes, there is a beach to the left, but it was not easy to photograph...)