Friday, 28 November 2014

Black Friday

I'd rather eat a bug than go shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving (black friday).  In fact, I'd rather eat a bug than go shopping at anytime, and I'm not particularly fond of bugs.  But we did participate in a black friday of sorts:  we finally managed to wash the head sail, and the resulting pail of water was indeed black.

We also decided we needed to edit our advertisement for Spray, and replace "good" with "tired" where we describe the quality of the sail.  It's probably good for another year of gentle coastal cruising but anything more ambitious than that will likely result in a few rips.

Once the sail is dry and folded neatly in its sack, our winterizing will be almost complete.  Next week we have a mechanic coming to put the motor to sleep (changing the water pump turbine, all the filters, belts, anodes, filling with anti-freeze, etc.) and then we can finally say that the 2014 sailing season is officially over for us. It's been a wild ride with high highs and low lows.  It was a milestone in our cruising careers and has given us the courage to go further (if not faster).  And it was the last season sailing Spray, who has been infinitely patient with us and who has taught us so much.