Monday, 30 March 2015

Isn't she lovely ?

Mareda has arrived !  She was delivered to the shipyard Saturday morning, still swaddled in her transportation packaging. 

Okay, we admit, saying she’s lovely at this point may be a bit like new parents crowing over their beautiful newborn, when to the rest of the world the little creature is the spitting image of Winston Churchill.  But because we know what she’ll look like (more or less) when she casts off her cocoon, we can feel the beauty potential throbbing like a new heartbeat underneath all that plastic. 

Over the next month, the shipyard will install the balcony, life lines, mast, electronics, anchor and chain, a stainless steel arch with davits, the bimini, the lazybag and jacks, and the sails.  The rigging specialist will advise us on modifications needed for the Code D and the sail maker will make his measurements to begin making it.

Eagle-eye Patrick has already noted a problem, though.  Evidently, someone had difficulty parking her and the starboard rudder foot has several dings and pits.  We’ll need to make sure the rudder alignment and joints are still okay, and of course insist that this disgraceful blemish be repaired.  Let the fun begin !


Astrolabe Sailing said...

I am so excited for you!