Friday, 27 March 2015

It's that time again

It’s spring and that means Haz Mat Pat is back ! 

Scraping and prepping the hull for its new coat of anti-fouling bottom paint and cleaning off the winter grime that has accumulated up top is an annual event, and one I usually enjoy.  Getting the boat ready for the water again during the first almost-warm rays of spring sun makes me positively giddy.  But this year, my giddiness was damped by the realization that I was getting Spray ready for someone else’s cruising.  (That “someone else” still has yet to materialize, but it’ll happen soon enough…).

Meanwhile, our Mareda is probably still in the plastic-pellet stage at the shipyard (I think they said it takes 15-20 days to make the boat from start to finish !) and our list of equipment to buy and modifications to make grows by the day. 

My favourite new surprise was when I mentioned casually to the dealer that I wanted to buy a spinnaker pole to pole-out the Code D when we’re sailing downwind.  It was one of those “duh” moments.  Besides the pole and a few well-placed blocks, one needs a down-haul and a topping lift for the pole.  It wasn't (and still isn't) clear if the mast was made with a topping lift in mind or if there are any un-claimed clutches in the cockpit for the sheets.  It was at this juncture that I realized that we also needed to install a couple of pulleys and blocks amidships and cam cleats near the cockpit for the Winchard Gyb Easy Boom Brake (love that thing). 

I know we’ll have many other such surprises before we’re ready to sail off into the sunset (and quite a few afterwards, too, I suspect).  I’m just concentrating on remaining zen and rolling with the punches as gracefully as possible. 


The Cynical Sailor said...

Love the hazmat Pat reference! Must be strange to be working on the boat for someone else, who I'm sure will come along soon. Hope all is well with you guys!

MH said...

Hey Cynical Crew ! We hope you're enjoying Florida. I grew up in Florida campgrounds in a 1970s Winnebago, which probably prepared me more for the cruising life than sailing lessons ever did. We've got 2 perspective buyers visiting today: fingers crossed !