Friday, 13 March 2015

The Island of Beautiful Waters

In the 8th century, the Kalina Indians migrated northward to the Antilles from Amazonia and called the island Karukera, the island of beautiful waters.  More than five centuries later, Columbus rebaptized the island Guadeloupe in honor of a monastery in southwest Spain, to which it continues to bear absolutely no resemblance.

It will take weeks, maybe months, to find some order in our minds that would allow us to recount our experiences of the last month in some coherent way.  We are still swimming in a warm turquoise pool of sensations and images: colors with intensity we've never seen before, the warm softness of the air, lush vegetation, rain forests, waterfalls, volcanoes, coral reefs, mangrove forests, tropical beaches, crystalline waters, rolling plantations of sugar cane and bananas, coffee and vanilla beans, strange and wonderful fruits, friendly smiling laid-back people, living on island time.

But we can post pictures worth the thousands of words we can't yet express. Here is Part I: Land.  Coming Soon, Part II: Guadeloupe below the waves !