Friday, 15 May 2015

Cockpit Updates

The dodger, bimini, and arch are in place !  With one week left to go, the final installations are coming together.  I'm still not convinced that it will all be done on time (electronics, sails, solar panels, etc) but the progress is impressive nonetheless.

Every time we walk away from the boat, Patrick just shakes his head and says, "Wow, it's big.  Really big.  And WIDE."  Mareda is only 1.24 meters longer than Spray but that's enough to make us a bit anxious about handling her.  I keep reminding him that Mareda has the same sail area as Spray and weighs 3 tonnes more, so she should be much more docile than Spray was.  Still, the first time out with Mareda is going to be nerve-racking !  (*fact check*:  The genoa on Spray is the same size as Mareda's, but Mareda's mainsail is 35 m2 while Spray's is 27 m2.  That'll give us some extra push for those extra 3 tonnes.)


Astrolabe Sailing said...

She is beautiful.

Which boat yard has been doing the commissioning? Have they been good? Where about are they? We were thinking we would want to get ours commissioned close to the Med. So would be interested to hear how that has gone.

Many thanks
Viki & Andrew :)

Maria and Patrick said...

We've had our local boatyard / Jeanneau dealer do the commissioning since we can be there on bike in 5 minutes ! They have been good. I think just about any Jeanneau dealer would be okay. That's the benefit of a production boat. With the 2 year guarantee, we can pull in at any Jeanneau dealer to get work done, and they're all over Europe (almost all ports). You won't have any trouble finding good dealers in the Med !

JMFO said...

Hi Maria, I enjoy very much reading your posts and cannot wait until you get back on the water to read about your adventures.

I happen to own a 379 too berthed in the Seychelles. I am seriously considering adding an arch for solar panels and the dinghy soon and I always marvelled Mareda's.

I wonder whether you could share the contact details of your arch supplier in order to get in touch with them. That would be awesome.

Sailing Mareda said...

Hi JMFO and thanks for the kind words. Wow - the Seychelles ! No blog?! Our arch and dinghy davits are standard issue from the french ship chandler USHIP. If you do a search for USHIP "portique" you'll see it. We LOVE ours, both for the solar panels and the dinghy support. (It also looks cool...). Good luck and I hope you'll post some photos and/or adventure tales from the Seychelles !