Saturday, 9 May 2015

Farewell Spray

Spray has been sold.  No exclamation points, no champagne corks flying.  There is a saying that a boat owner only knows two days of joy: the day he buys the boat and the day he sells it.  It’s just not true. 

It’s not that I’m overly sentimental about Spray.  In fact, I just don’t feel much of anything except relief that the process of selling her is over and a lingering sense of responsibility to hand her over to her new owners in good condition.    

In a rare moment of sitting idly over coffee this morning, Patrick and I reminisced about all our adventures with Spray.  While we are thrilled at the prospect of a new boat, we realize how important it was for our education to start out with an old boat.  After 3 years and nearly 4500 miles under the keel, there’s not much about basic boat maintenance that we don’t know how to handle now.  Electricity, plumbing, diesel engine maintenance, mystery leaks, epoxies and general repairs of all sorts no longer frighten us the way they did in the beginning.  If we’d had a new boat from the beginning, I dare say we’d still be anxious about our ability to manage a boat.

That said, we fully intend to savor our graduation from “Boat Maintenance School” and enjoy the relative pleasures of sailing a new boat where repairs should be minimal.  (Remind me I said that in a few months…).    

Spray by numbers:
Bought: June 2012  Sold: May 2015
4450 nautical miles in 2.5 years of sailing from the Channel Islands to the northwest tip of Spain. 
264 days sailing (5 over-night sails)
3 countries visited (France, England, Spain)
Euros invested in upgrades and maintenance: way too many !
Cost of a solid education in boats, a sense of accomplishment, and the strong desire to continue the sailing life:  priceless.