Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ode to my new hose

Patrick thinks I have an abnormal, possibly psycho-sexual fixation over our new boat hose.  But he does admit that it’s pretty dang nifty.

A normal 25 meter boat hose is a robust type of garden hose rolled up on a spool in a plastic case.  It’s heavy, takes up a lot of space, and costs about $100.  As we browsed the boating, camping, and gardening stores looking for alternatives, we stumbled upon the Pocket Hose Ultra II:  30 meters of light-weight compact hose that (they say) is exceptionally robust.  The casing is a type of nylon / teflon textile made to resist abrasion and UV rays.  The interior is a sort of plastic webbing that shrinks when not under pressure and expands as the water enters.  It’s springy like a bungee cord.

I put it to the test this afternoon and was thrilled with it.  (Patrick says “overly thrilled.”)  I was worried that it wouldn't shrink back down after inflating, but it did.  Okay, it’s true, I couldn't get it back in the original box, but I had a handy mesh bag laying around that was just the perfect size for it.  


Deflated !

And in the bag ...
Did I mention it’s light?  I can hold it up with 1 finger !  I also didn't measure it to make sure it extended to the full 30 meters, but the little section I held in my hand expanded at least 3 times its length.  All this for $65.  I’ll let you know how it fares over the next few months as we put it to the real test.

And while I was making an inventory of all our equipment, I realized with horror that we were missing two essential elements for any adventure involving mechanical parts:  WD-40 and Duct Tape !  Yikes !! Back to the store…