Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Morbihan Gulf

We're pinned down at Yeu Island with screeching winds and big seas, but we have good internet for once.  Here are some photos from the Morbihan Gulf to go with the post "Continuing Education", where I realized we have few photos of our home waters.  This is only a small selection of the beautiful scenes in the gulf.  I hope we can explore a bit more in late fall / early winter before the season is over.

Conleau.  This is a 10 minute bike ride from home
Sinagots, traditional sailing vessels of the gulf, anchored off Port Anna.
The Maison Rose, or pink house.  This is marked on nautical charts as "pink house" and the owners are obligated to keep it pink.
Chapel at Boedic Island.
Arradon.  When the evening news runs a story on Wealth Tax, this is the scene they show...
More modest neighbors.
Arradon point.
St Joseph chapel.
Port Blanc, across from Ile aux Moines.
Gregan cardinal buoy and The Pyramid navigational aid at the mouth of the gulf.
Navalo point.  When we see this scene from offshore, we know we're home.