Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Mareda, Winterized.

Winterizing a boat is never fun.  It’s a psychological punch in the stomach that tells you that you won’t be sailing again for a very long time, and it can also be stressful because you’re never quite sure you’re doing things correctly, especially if this is the first time winterizing a new boat.

One of our manias during the winterizing process is to take pictures of everything:  what did it look like before we untied that knot? removed that shackle? unzipped that zip?  Here is a list of what we did and what a winterized Mareda looks like.

Mareda, "naked like a worm" as Patrick says.

Stern-to-dock berthing to point Mareda's nose to the southwest from whence come our worst storms.
  • Removed the genoa and main sail.  Fold and put into sail sacks for storage at home in a dry place. 
  • Filled up the gas tank and added an anti-bacterial product to avoid bacterial growth.
  • Emptied the water tanks.  Added ~ 50 cl of white vinegar to each tank with about 2 liters of water, ran the pump to pull the vinegar water through all the faucets, and let sit over night.  Pumped tanks dry and left faucets in the open position.
  • Off-loaded the outboard motor and took to the mechanic for regular maintenance.
  • Cleaned and vasalined the toilet pump assembly.  
  • Shut off cooking gas; off-loaded gas containers.
  • Set out 2 chemical dehumidifiers.
  • Off-loaded all food items, foul weather gear, boots, life vests, and remaining bits of clothing still on board.
  • Off-loaded all books, documents, and electronic devices not fixed to the boat.
  • Off-loaded emergency offshore kit (flares, etc) and grab-bag.
  • Off-loaded all tools (amazing how they can rust just from being in contact with marine air.)
  • Off-loaded bedding cushions, turned saloon cushions on end for maximum air circulation.
  • Off-loaded the life lines, rinsed with fresh water, dried, stored.
  • Off-loaded the dodger, bimini, and lazy bag.  Dodger and bimini need small repairs.
  • Covered winches.
  • Rinsed boat with fresh water, rinsed the anchor and chain well.  Put the anchor inside the anchor locker.
  • Opened all cabinets, refrigerator compartment, storage areas and lifted up all the floor boards.
  • Greased the through-hull valves.
  • Stored spinnaker pole inside boat.
  • Locked compartment containing the life raft.
  • Turned the solar panels to a vertical position to discourage birds from hanging out.  We leave them operational to keep the batteries charged.

Is it still BLING ?

We’re buying some wheel covers and a cover for the cockpit table / chart plotter.  In mid-January (on our wedding anniversary no less…) we’ll pull Mareda out of the water for 3 months of drying out.  We’ll pressure wash the bottom and winterize the motor once she’s high and dry.  

Now we have 5 months to organize all that stuff piled up in the garage waiting to be taken back on board in April. (No pictures of that one !)


Astrolabe Sailing said...

Sad to see her looking so naked!

Sailing Mareda said...

Yep. But it's a nice feeling having all that work behind us ! Today is the first day we've been able to sleep in and not have a list of boat chores to do !