Thursday, 17 December 2015

Material Girl Mareda

The year is ending with a big buying bang for Mareda.  As if the financial pit of buying a new boat weren’t deep enough, we’ve splurged on a few items that may at first glance SEEM to be unnecessary but will, I’m sure, prove to be worth the investment. 

To protect the double helm steering wheels and the cockpit table / GPS screen, we bought protective covers in sunbrella material.  We probably could have pieced together some tarps ourselves to accomplish the same thing, but as we’ll be leaving Mareda for several months of the year in various countries around the Med, we decided to indulge in quality protection.  Classy, eh??

And for boating enthusiasts, there’s no better gift than personalized boat swag !  My sister, who recently bought her own Catalina 25, gave us two great presents:  a picnic / beach blanket tote and a couple of hot-cold travel mugs, both with MAREDA conspicuously and beautifully displayed.  Watch out, Med, here we come !  (After a few months of hibernation, that is…).

Great nautical swag !
On a completely unrelated note, we recently contributed to an informal information poll about “grey nomads” and the aging of the cruising fleet.  Check out this interesting article from Hubert Hell at Active Outside


The Cynical Sailor said...

That canvas looks sharp! And nice swag from your sister :-) said...

The canvas looks great! And with those mugs, you can be sure you'll always know which one is yours. Great gift!

Sailing Mareda said...

We can't wait to use the cups (preferably to keep cold things cold rather than hot things hot, but we'll adapt as we head south !)