Monday, 8 August 2016

Oeiras and Lisbon

Note: we are currently in Albufeira, Portugal, a stone's throw away from Faro.  We hope to make it into the estuary of Faro tomorrow and enjoy a little down-time.  I am about 3 blog posts behind because internet is difficult to come by here. I try to give more timely updates on the Facebook page, but the details will have to wait.  Cheers, friends.

The Oeiras marina is only 5 miles away from Cascais but worlds apart in terms of attitude.  It’s a small marina that requires tight manoeuvers, and a reservation ahead of time is a good idea.  But the marina staff are almost excessively friendly and the price is unbelievable:  for a 7-night stay, the price averages out to about 26 euros a night, compared with 44 Euros in Cascais.  The transportation to Lisbon is a simple 15-minute walk to the train station and a 20-minute ride into Lisbon, which deposits you in the center of town.  The marina has a few restaurants around it as well as a good-sized grocery store within a 10-minute walk, and visitors to the marina are given free passes to the aquatic park across the street.  There are two beautiful (crowded) beaches within walking distance, a nice bike path, and … hang on to your hats…fresh bread is delivered daily to your cockpit.  We did miss the attraction of a town like Cascais, but in terms of a base for visiting Lisbon, Oeiras is hard to beat.

Beach near Oeiras Marina

Mareda, far right, Oeiras

The whale tail, symbol of Oeiras marina
Lisbon was a bit disappointing, in fact.  It was so crowded with tourists that we gave up doing a few things we wanted to do.  We managed to squeeze in most of the “must see” places and thoroughly enjoyed the Jeronimo (St Jerome) monastery.  Truth be told, we’re getting a bit fed up with religious edifices and fortresses.  We countered this by visiting the museum of modern art in Lisbon and got a good dose of secular bewilderment.

Vasco de Gama, RIP.

Close-up, Vasco de Gama tomb.
St Jeronimo's Ceiling

Not sure what these creatures were doing... can find all sorts of surprises at St Jeronimo's.

Augusta Place, Lisbon

St Juste elevator, to get to the Bairro Alto area of Lisbon without hiking up those hills.