Friday, 28 July 2017

Sa Foradada

These are the calas that make it all worthwhile.  For sailors visiting Sa Foradada cala, instead of trying to squeeze into the main anchorage at the base of the restaurant and playing bumper boat with all the others, there is a very nice large patch of sand in the southeast corner in 11-12 meters of water and fewer boats go there.  It is less protected from swell but you have space to put out as much chain as needed.  Stay about 100 meters off the shore to avoid some large boulders submerged at a depth of about 1.5 meters.  Enjoy !

Mareda nestled into the main Sa Foradada anchorage (way too close to that blue boat to the right of us).

The cala attracts the rich and famous.  The restaurant has photos of Rafael Nadal and Bruce Springsteen dining here.

Sa Foradada Restaurant.