Saturday, 5 August 2017

Soller and Mallorcan Scenery

We left Sa Foradada with a mixture of regret and relief as we headed up the coast for 5 days in the port of Soller.  Port stops are, in general, hot (ports are designed to protect from wind and the water quality is such that you do NOT want to go swimming anywhere near the port) and noisy (close-packed neighbors.)  One such neighbor got a bit too close as he pulled in and his fishing pole support gouged out a thumb-sized chunk of our gelcoat.  As I was mentally preparing a blog post about the steps to take to make an insurance claim for such an event, the skipper of the offending boat asked if we could just arrange things between ourselves without contacting the insurance company.  He gave us 100 Euros in cash and we invited him on board for a beer.  (Turns out he was a fascinating person.)  But now we have another repair to do and it's not easy to reach.  We will probably just do a quick filler job and wait until we pull the boat from the water in Corsica to make it pretty.

We really enjoyed the port of Soller and the town of Soller.  We took the wooden train to Soller town and later took the longer one down to Palma for the day.  We also took a side trip to the Alfabia gardens, once the home of one of the Moorish lords from the 1200s, taken over by the Spanish royals after the Christian conquest. The area gives a good idea of what the interior of Mallorca looks like, away from the main tourist tracks and beach scenes.

Almohad ceiling, 1170.