Friday, 6 October 2017

Lavezzi and Cavallo

After 2 years we are finally back on French soil, sort of.  After a lovely few days in Sainta Theresa, Sardinia, we headed for Lavezzi island and Cavallo island, two jumbles of boulders sitting off the Corsican coast.  The rocky scenery reminded us of northern Brittany (but with warmer waters).  We are ahead of schedule and in a delightfully calm period so we decided to spend several days on each island.

Lavezzi with La Semillante shipwreck memorial upper left.


Panorama of Cavallo (click on photo for larger version).  Cliffs of Bonifacio upper left.


Trying to hide my frog green crocs...

Had to hoist the telephone up the mast to get reception.

2 comments: said...

Beau périple ! Hivernage du bateau en Méditerranée ?
C'est bien sympa d'avoir son bateau pour naviguer aussi longtemps qu'on le souhaite !
Bises Momo

Sailing Mareda said...

Oui, posséder son bateau, ça change la vie. Hivernage au port de Taverna en Corse, sortie de l'eau prévue pour le 25 Octobre.