Monday, 18 December 2017

For richer, for poorer

No, we aren't reconsidering our marriage vows after reaching the half-way point toward paying off our boat.  This is the phrase that came into my head as I reviewed some photos from this year's cruise, which saw us rubbing elbows (er, um... rub rails?) with the rich and possibly famous, as well as wandering through run-down, abandoned (often charming) backstreets.  The juxtaposition of derelict cities and obscene wealth left a lasting impression on us.  Here are some shots that didn't make it into other blog posts to show you what I mean.

We spent a couple of nights with super yacht Nero.  For $45k per week, you and 12 friends can rent her.
The shabby-chic back alleys of Bastia.

I was eager to take photos of rich neighbors anytime I saw a boat that was NOT a cigarette go-fast pecker-stretcher, or as the french say, a big "suppositoire".

In case you like suppository boats...

I love the pigeon in the small hole top left trying to figure out what the hell I'm shooting.

This Russian mega-yacht (one of the largest sailing yachts in the world) dwarfs the Mareda-sized sail boat approaching from the left. 

We saw quite a few of these renovated tug boats, as well as the near-ubiquitous inflatable pink flamingo on the bow.

When one of these boats arrives in the anchorage, it is only a matter of minutes before all the toys come out.  Here, an inflatable slide spills into a netted pool (to keep out beasties).  There are also jet-skis, scuba jets, and water jet packs, all with certified instructors, and one of the crew always has a drone buzzing overhead for the souvenir video.

The best of both worlds: richly-renovated recently-shabby architecture.


ELB said...

Beautiful pictures, but to reach into the wayback machine: gag me with a spoon!

Sailing Mareda said...

Definitely ELB !