Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Cagliari and the big hop

We pulled into Cagliari a few days ago to load up on food, do a little tourism, and prepare for the big hop from Sardinia to Sicily (150 miles). We were told that Marina del Sole was the cheapest marina in Cagliari and heard rumors that it was possible to negotiate the price for longer stays. We prepared our negotiation strategy and wrote out our phrases in italian, all for nothing. As soon as we asked about weekly discounts, we were given a price that was less than what we had planned to ask for, so for 35 euros / night (instead of 65), we decided to stay 7 days.

The weather is in transition and everyday we have an afternoon monsoon, with thunder, lightning, gusts up to 30 knots, and rain. It doesn’t last long and it has mercifully cooled the temperatures, but it is very unstable and not particularly suited to the sort of relaxing days at anchor we have enjoyed thus far. It’s too early to tell, but there may be a good weather window for heading to Sicily this weekend or early next week. We will leave Cagliari a few days before and position ourselves in the Porto Guinco area, a lovely protected anchorage at the southeast tip of Sardinia, well positioned for "take off ".

We took a day to visit the Phoenician-Punic-Roman-Vandal ruins in Nora, just south of Cagliari.  As with most of these archeological sites, the magic is in the imagination of what it must have looked like in its heyday, since what's left is mostly, well, um, ruins.  

And here are some creature features that I put on the Facebook page but that didn't make it into the last blog post.  The flatfish (sole) like tagging along with the rays because rays are sloppy eaters.  The flatfish also hang out around our anchor chain because the chain stirs up the sand and apparently uncovers tasty tidbits.