This Cruising Life

Sailing season 2016 gets underway.

A wrap-up of our first season with Mareda

First beaching with Mareda

First days with Mareda

Spray is sold.

Mareda is delivered !!

Our sailing future comes into focus after deciding that the Caribbean is not worth the Trans-Atlantic sail for us. 

Skippering doesn't end when the boat comes out of the water.

We bought a new boat !!!

A few statistics on our cruising style.

The Leibster Award: a review of our first years of cruising.

An enjoyable and calm crossing of Biscay !

New inspiration to continue the cruising life.

A fishing net wrapped around the propeller and repair diving at sea.

The second big storm of our sailing career in the Bay of Biscay.

Our first multi-night crossing of the Bay of Biscay.

Our first night navigation.

Facing our first multi-day offshore fears.

Winter land cruising teaches us to appreciate sea cruising.

The cruising life demands a new attention to fitness

So what do we DO for a living?  Thoughts on the purpose of a sailing life.

To hibernate or migrate?  That is the question...

Summary of our first 3 months of sailing; knowledge gaps and future goals.

Our FirstDuet !  After 8 years of sailing together as crew, we head out alone together.

The learning curve blues:  the frustrations of reconditioning and refitting a 21 year old boat.

What IS all this stuff ??  The initial inventory of Spray’s cockpits.

Quitting / retiring from our jobs and moving to Brittany to start our cruising life:  From Parisian Professionals to Breton Sail Bums and  The Transition.

Beginnings: how it all started.